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ITC 100HT Ceramic Refractory Coating (5000°F)

Now Available in 2 sizes

Our ITC 100 Ceramic Coating is an ultra-high-temperature coating applied to ceramic wool (fibre/ blanket/ kaowool), and refractory bricks & castables to protect them from flux, abrasion, direct flames, and oxidization, and to increase efficiency by up to 40%.

(Metaphorically:   ITC 100 does to a propane forge what a turbocharger does to a diesel motor - it's like free power and efficiency.)

ITC 100 is rated to 5000 ° F, which is nearly double the theoretical combustion temperature limit an atmospheric propane forge.

Health benefit of ITC 100:    

Ceramic wool heated above its rating becomes partially aerosolized and is not healthy to breathe (think asbestos).   Wool rated at 2400 ° F (or 2200, or 1800 ..) will look the same as our 2600 ° F wool, is fractionally cheaper, but I strongly recommend against its use at welding heats.    The next generation of wool refractories being developed are going to be biologically degradable, but they are not yet available at 2600 ° F heats.

Though commonly sought for its added efficiency and refractory protection, by sealing the flame exposed surface of refractory wool, we may one day see ITC 100's greatest value as having been a health benefit.


1.    Reconstitute with water.

Reconstitute ITC 100 with 50% water prior to application.   Experience has indicated excellent performance even years after reconstituting if it is kept cool and well sealed.

2.   Mist lightly with water first.    

Penetration is best when surfaces are first very lightly misted with water, this helps the ITC to 'wick' deeper into the wool, brick, or castable.

3.   Use a cut-off paintbrush.  

The ITC is a bit more like runny toothpaste than paint.   It can be poured with a small garden 'watering-can' type device in open horizontal applications, but otherwise is best applied using a paintbrush with bristles cut short to make them stiff. (It can also be sprayed with an air gun in larger applications).

4.   Rigidize the wool first.    

Applying ITC 100 to a Ceramic Wool Blanket?    Try rigidizing the wool first.   We sell small bottles of rigidizer solution for this purpose. (It makes it less like painting cotton balls).

5.   If damaged, simply re-apply as a patch.

If the ITC coated surface becomes damaged, another 'patch' coating can simply be applied, as needed.


ITC is sold by the Pint (473 mL) and the Half Pint (236)  and your coverage depends on what material you're applying it to. Use the following guidelines based on your lining material.

One Pint covers:

Fiber Lining:5 sq ft
Insulating Brick Lining: 10 sq ft
Brick Lining or Hardcast Refractory: 6.25 to 12.5 sq ft

ITC 100 HT Ceramic Coating, it's just a good idea.


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