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Rigidizer Spray - *NEW* Professional / Freeze Proof

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Just released for public sale:  FREEZE PROOF Pro Rigidizer. It's tough.

***Offered for a Limited Time at Special Introductory Pricing***

Other Rigidizer Solutions are destroyed by the cold. They irreversibly crystallize at -2°C and are useless. Many blacksmiths have been disappointed reaching for their bottle of Rigidizer after it has been shipped or kept in the garage in colder weather.

For peace of mind, our Professional RIGIDIZER can uniquely withstand temperatures of -40°C (or -40°F).

Why Rigidize?

  • Kaowool Rigidizer is a popular colloidal silica compound for treating surfaces of ceramic fiber refractory products (Inswool, forge insulation blanket). It provides a degree of surface stiffness, resistance to erosion, and protection from compression during coating with castables (if performed).
  • Freeze Proof is colored with disappearing ink to make an even application visually easier, becoming translucent once your forge is fired.  

TIP: Use in conjunction with ITC 100 HT.

  • While Rigidizer can't fully withstand metal welding heat, it helps give wool integrity resisting compression which would permanently diminish performance.
  • It is very popular when applying ITC 100HT.
  • Application of the famous ITC 100 ceramic reflective paint coating to Kaowool (or similar) is simply easier after it is rigidized. (It makes it less like trying to paint cotton balls).  
  • ITC itself is rated to 5000 °F, and by reflecting the heat from the surface of the wool, typical 40% increase of forge efficiency, burning less fuel, & shortening heat up time.
  • ITC further preserves the properties of the Rigidizer and the thermal wool by mitigating the heat transferred from the firebox.

Typical Applications:

  • Surface coating for ceramic fiber blanket and modules exposed to high-velocity gases.
  • Surface treatment for vacuum-formed fiber shapes to increase surface hardness.
  • Increases surface hardness and resistance to erosion.
  • Easily applied by brushing or spraying, a little goes a long way.

Dispensing Options Available:

  • 250 ml Pump Top Spray Bottle
  • 250 ml Capped Bottle


Due to global shortages, please help if you can.  If you have an empty spray bottle at home you could use to apply your Rigidizer, then please order a capped or bottle instead of a spray top. 

If you need a spray top though, by all means, order one!  We continue to do our best to source spray tops, (and other items), at this time.  

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