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KS-4V Plus Castable Refractory (ks4v)

KS-4V Plus is a strong, dense, fireclay-based durable castable refractory to 2600° F.

Very popular for Ribbon Burners, as it fills molds easier than some castables like Mizzou, and it has a fine grain structure making it suitable for burners and where detail is needed. 

KS4V 's strength and abrasion resistance make it popular lining forge floors etc.

The lower iron content instills better flux resistance than castables higher in Fe (Iron).


  • 200 cubic inches per 1 gallon of dry castable.
  • The water mixing ratio is 12-13% water or 820 mls per gallon dry mix. 

Sizes Available:

  • 1 Gallon Pails 
  • 2 Gallon Pails 
  • 55 lb Bags


Once cured, KS 4V can be coated with ITC 100 HT to optimize forge efficiency, or with ITC-296A for improved flux resistance.


Kast-o-lite 30 Li + is a castable 50% lighter than KS-4V. It's a popular option when optimizing insulation value and lowering weight is more important than strength.


Click here for the KS-4V SDS, and here for the KS-4V Technical Data Sheet.

These application instructionsfor the Mizzou Plus also work well for the KS-4V.

Sold individually.


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