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KS-4V Plus Castable

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KS-4V Plus is a strong, dense, fireclay based general-purpose castable refractory for temperatures up to 2600° F. Plenty for forging heat. There is less iron content, and it's a little easier to work with than Mizzou. KS-4V Plus has great high strength and abrasion resistance. Ideal for furnace linings or pour your own shape.

125 lb. required for each cubic foot. Expect about 0.44 cubic feet per 55 lb. bag. The water mixing ratio is 12% water for vibration casting and 12.8% for hand casting. 

55 lb. x 12.8% = 7.04 x .45 litre/pound = 3.168 litre of water/bag.

Sizes Available:

  • 1 Gallon Pail = 1/4 Bag = 15 lbs, use around 0.792 liter
  • 2 Gallon Pail = 1/2 Bag = 30 lbs, use around 1.584 liter
  • 55 lb. Bag


KS-4V Plus can be coated with ITC 100 HT, once cured, to optimize forge efficiency, and with ITC-296A (ITC-296A and ITC 213 are in stock and launching online soon)  for improved flux resistance.

Sold individually.


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