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Ribtec Refractory Reinforcement Alfa 406 Stainless Steel Needles'

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For the purpose of reinforcing Castable Refractory, made of 406 'Alfa' Stainless Steel (Superior to 304 or 310 SS). Each "needle" is 1 mm x 25 mm (.020 x 1")


1) Add 1 lb of Stainless needles per 55 lb bag of Castable for added Strength.  They minimize cracks and limit breakage if cracks occur, increasing lifespan (like rebar).

2) Heat new castables gradually &/or intermittently to slowly evaporate water vapor avoiding steam pressure's risk of forming cracks.

3) Use only recommended water.  Typical 5 to 6.5% water by weight.  Just 2% extra water (ie 8.5%) can decrease strength by 40% in some castables.

4) Vibration can help avoid voids (20 seconds with a vibrating sander) BUT avoid excess vibration to avoid weakening by stratification.

Excerpt from 107-page Research Thesis by Peterson in 2014: 

"After prolonged heat and thermal shock exposure, needles help maintain the integrity and mechanical properties of samples. The study also found that corrosion due to oxidation was a major contributing factor to the way needles performed, and concluded that a concentration of 3% 406 “Alfa 1” stainless steel reinforcing needles added to the working lining of a taconite furnace is recommended."


Sold in bags of 0.25 lb., 0.5lb. and 1 lb.


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