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Shipping Options & Terms

In order to avoid shipping delays or extra charges, please review the following information carefully:

  1. If you enter a PO BOX as your SHIP TO address then you MUST choose Canada Post as the Courier
  2. If you only have a PO BOX and would like FASTER SHIPPING. Find the PUROLATOR or UPS depot closest to you. Use the depot's address as your SHIP TO address. IMPORTANT: Your MAILING ADDRESS must be the address on your credit card statements, or your credit card will DECLINE.
  3. Canadian Forge & Farrier is not responsible for charges incurred if you enter an INCORRECT or INCOMPLETE ship to address.
Winter Shipping Notice:
We are proudly located in Alberta, Canada. Therefore, when winter arrives, we are prone to extreme temperature drops, even an excess of -40°C. This means that certain products are at risk of freezing once shipped. We try our best to wrap, bundle, add heat packs, and insulate to prevent this from happening. However, once the product leaves our doors, we can not guarantee its safety. To maintain product quality, we highly recommend NOT shipping during a cold snap. You are more than welcome to order/pay for the item which reserves it as yours. However, our standard practice is to not ship it until it's safe to do so. This avoids your items arriving damaged and unusable. If you are in a rush for your item do not hesitate to give us a call at 780-470-0789 and we will do our best to find a solution.

***Please keep in mind shipping Express/Special Handling does cost more and may be quicker, but it still does not 100% guarantee it will not freeze if it takes 2 or more days to reach your location***


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