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Mizzou (Forte*)- Strong, Dense 3000°F Refractory Castable

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MIZZOU: CASTABLE PLUS is a versatile high-strength 60% alumina hydraulic bonded 3000°F refractory.  

Mizzou: is a handpackable, dense, strong 3000°F refractory with great abrasion resistance. 

Another castable called KS4V+ is a slightly better insulator, but Mizzou is slightly stronger at full temperature.  (~3500 vs ~4500 psi), though both are very durable.

Both are popular with burner blocks (ribbon burners). (KS4V+ is a favourite building pizza ovens).  

A 'poking' rod or dowel is helpful for material packing to the bottom of forms when a vibration table isn't available, though tapping or a palm sander against the form can help. Though guidelines recommend 9% water, sometimes an extra couple of percent is helpful to optimize 'home-based' applications when a professional vibration system isn't available (Some find 11-12.5% works well).   Use a power-mixer for 3-5 minutes and plan on 20 min working time.

*Forte:  Stabilized and Fortified for optimal curing consistency and strength by CFF.

Sizes Available:

  • 5.5 kg
  • 11 kg
  • 20 kg 
  • 50 lbs
  • 55 lbs

Click here for Application Instructions, Mizzou Plus SDS & Technical Data Sheet.


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