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2" Thick 2200°F Refractory Wool Blanket (Super-Wool by Morgan)

SPECIAL SALE - @ this price only while existing stock lasts!

A Moderate-High Heat 2200°F refractory wool.  A great refractory for wood-burning stoves, heat-treating ovens, pizza ovens, aluminum and brass foundry lining, glass kilns etc., available in both this 2" and 1.5" thick wool blanket.

(For steel forge working environments our 2600°F wool is recommended, and have both 1" and 2" thick wool in stock).

This is a bio-absorbable refractory blend, a safer alternative if wool fibres are accidentally inhaled.

Special Mid-Heat Refractory Wool Ceramic Fiber Blanket. PLEASE NOTE: All pre-cut lengths are sold in square feet. They are always 2 feet wide (unless otherwise stated).  

Suitable For:

  • Chimneys.
  • Pizza ovens.
  • Breweries.
  • Farm incinerators.
  • Smelters for melting aluminum, copper, or brass.
  • Heat-treating ovens.
  • Salt baths.
  • Glass kilns.

It can also be a suitable backup insulation layer behind high temp wool in some applications.  The 2200°F is a peak temp rating, and the constant temp recommended max is 2050°F to avoid breakdown and shrinkage.

This is a high-quality blanket alternative for environments not exposed to full forge welding (2450°F heat) at a limited special price.

Common Installation Practice:

1) Place the wool against a rigid structure (either steel, brick, or stone) and stabilize with mechanical clips and/or adhesives.

2) Stiffen the wool with a Rigidizer Spray, then flame fire it to crystalize & stiffen the wool blanket before topcoating, to ease application and prevent compression.

3) Coat with a 1/2'' layer of Kastolite 30 LI G or Kastolite 30 LI + refractory cement for added insulation & maximum durability.**

4) Addition of a thin coating of ITC-100 HT as the last 'interior layer' will optimize heat reflection and efficiency.  (ITC-100 HT can also be applied directly to rigidized wool for increased performance, it's not a strong covering, but it's easily patched).

**Note Satanite is an affordable but weaker alternative to Kastolite 30.  It has similar temperature ratings, is very easy to work with, can be applied very thin, it is very inexpensive, a little goes a long way, but it only provides a fraction of the strength and unlike Kastolite, adds almost no additional insulation, but its a consideration in some installations.

**Note some wool sizes may require a day for cutting and wrapping.  If you are in a rush, please call.

Click here for SDS (safety data sheet).  Call or email with any questions 780-470-0789.


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