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Hawthorne Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste - Tub

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Sole Pack Hoof Packing relieves dry, hard, sore hooves, while also combating bacterial and fungal infections. It also treats white line disease, and speeds up the healing of bruises. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is extremely effective in maintaining the natural pliability of the hoof. Fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients. bulk quantity. It’s unique ability to bring the hoof back to a natural state makes it effective whether you’re faced with a hoof that it too soft, or a hoof that is too hard.


For barefoot use:

  • Packing your horses hoof with Sole Pack Hoof Packing a few days prior to trimming will bring the hoof to a pliable state that will ease the trimming process.

For use with leather or synthetic pads:

  • Clean the foot and trim the hoof. Pack the hoof with SOLE PACK Hoof Packing Paste. Use fingers to work the paste into cavities. Apply pad and shoe on the hoof.

For bandage applications:

  • Clean the foot. Pack the hoof with SOLE PACK Hoof Packing Paste. Use fingers to work the paste into cavities. Cover with paper and a bandage or with a polypropylene boot. If necessary, duct tape can be used if the bandage or boot will not stay on.

Duration of treatment:

  • Sole Pack Hoof Packing may be left in place overnight for up to 18 hours. At that time, remove packing and re-examine the foot.
  • New Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste may be applied daily until all signs of infection have disappeared or until the desired hoof pliability has been restored.
  • After this, the use of Sole Pack Hoof Packing Paste may be continued two or three times per week.
  • The total duration of treatment should not exceed six weeks.

Available Sizes: 

  • 4 lb Tub.
  • 8 lb Tub.

Made in the USA.


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