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NC Tool Forge Knifemaker 21 Triple Burner - Last One Special Price.

KNIFE BLADE Specialty Forge.  Long & Narrow firebox for a Lightning Fast Heat Up.

Save TIME.  Save FUEL.  EFFICIENT - WELDING heats with propane at just 5 PSI.  

Specs & Features:

  • Three Heavy Custom Cast Venturi Burners
  • LONG 21" Firebox with a narrow 4 x 4.5″ speed tunnel.
  • Heavy Cast Steel End Window Frame (2 x 3") for Infinite Lengths of Steel while still optimizing heat retention and Maximum Longevity.
  • High Temp Firm Fibre insulation for Heat Retention & Durability.
  • Fully insulated door with simple pivots out of the way.
  • Long-Life Replacement Liner Kits are available if needed.
  • Includes High Flow CSA Regulator, hose and shut-off valve.
  • Proven Popular Engineering - simply use.
  • 53 lbs

NC Tool Co. North Carolina.


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