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Heller Black Legend Rasp - Each

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The Heller Black Legend is a rasp with a larger tooth angle, similar to the Heller Legend.

This rasp is suitable for softer, damper horn structures. The Black Legend differs from the Heller Legend through an additional surface treatment that ensures the material is released from the rasp more easily, and makes it more wear-resistant.

Rasp Side:

  • Larger tooth size.
  • Less concentrated tooth pattern.
  • Ideal for softer horn.
  • Ideal in wetter humid weather conditions, preventing the rasp side from clogging.

File Side:

  • File pattern creates efficient removal of hoof with little effort leaving a smooth surface.

Good to know:

  • Less likely to clog in wet or humid conditions.
  • Very efficient hoof removal with the rasp side.
  • Not optimal for dry feet.
  • All weather/indoor/dry.

Standard 14'' in length.

5 Rasps = 1 Box

Sold individually.


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