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Millner-Haufen 13 Pc Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Set **LIFETIME WARRANTY**

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Millner-Haufen's Tools have an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee directly from Millner!**

New purchases are delivered immediately if in stock; otherwise, they are assigned and delivered upon receipt of our monthly order from Millner-Haufen. 

Canadian Forge has a special arrangement allowing us to sell these tools in Canada for great savings.

The Millner-Haufen 13-bit set is perfect for versatility.  The only drill bits we know of with a lifetime replacement warranty!  Ideally suited for hardened steel.  (Tip - use traditional bits on softer materials, these shine where other bits fail - on exceptionally hard surfaces, hardened steels RHC 40-65, ceramics, etc.

Note:  Also available are:  A)  Millner Haufen INDIVIDUAL Drill bits& B)  Millner Haufen REVERSE Spin Left Hand EXTRACTION Drill Bit Sets - a Millner Haufen exclusive. 

It runs 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch by 32nd-inch increments.

Use these bits with confidence, as all multi-purpose bits carry an unconditional lifetime replacement guarantee from Millner-Haufen.

Exceptional Tools Make Exceptional Gifts.

**Lifetime warranty is honoured by Miller-Haufen USA.  Upon return to Millner by post, tools are shipped directly to you free of charge.  (Return Postal Address: Millner-Haufen Tool Co.  PO Box 0121085, Nashville, TN, USA, 37212, with your Name, Return Address & Contact Info.)


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