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Speedy Sharp Carbide Sharpeners

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The Original Speedy Sharp is compact and fits in your pocket, toolbox, or hunting pack. Quickly sharpen and hone anything with an edge, from knives and clippers to shears and axes, AND more!

Doc's Special Speedy Sharp option has a narrow tip, better suited for sharpening farrier knives and knives with a hooked or loop blade.

Our special retractable round tapered diamond file (also with a cylindrical and flat section) is a perfect speedy sharp companion.

A dull, blunted farrier's knife edge should first be re-cut with the speedy sharp carbide to eliminate the gradual shoulder or 'bull nose' that will develop.  Secure the knife and draw the carbide with a firm steady action at the angle desired.

Follow this with the finesse of our quality tapered diamond file.  Detailed sharpening tips and a video are coming soon.




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