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Dalric Glue-On Cuff

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Turn any shoe into a glue-on. The Dalric Glue-On Cuff has the same qualities as the Dalric Cuff but has a thicker sole for nailing instead of rivet attachment. It is an ideal solution for horses with compromised hoof wall integrity.

Reasons for use:

  • When nails fail or when dealing with a compromised hoof wall.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Attaches to the shoe of your choice.
  • Safe, light, and secure.
  • Your imagination is its limitation.
  • Recommended for racing... a great alternative!

Sizes Available:

  • Size 3 = 3.75'' max foot width.
  • Size 5 = 4.25'' max foot width.
  • Size 7 = 4.75'' max foot width.
  • Size 8 = 5'' max foot width.
  • Size 9 = 5.5'' max foot width.
  • Size 11 = 6.25'' max foot width.

Click here for application instructions.

Sold per pair (2 cuffs). Adhesive sold separately.


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