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Dalric D Heel Extension Foal Cuff Shoes

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This Heel Extension Cuff from Dalric is designed to correct foals with weak flexor tendons. Usually involved in the hind legs of newborn foals, though can be seen in the front limbs as well.

The heel extension acts as a lever that guides the foal to a natural stance, which then assists in muscle tone/tendon improvement for a natural growth pattern. It also prevents crushed heels, protects the heel bulbs, and prevents soft tissue abrasions.

Reasons for Use:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Dramatic results.
  • Prevents crushed heels.
  • Prevents the usual heel bruises and abscesses.
  • Establishes proper joint alignment.


  • Size D1 = 2'' max foot width.
  • Size D2 = 2.5'' max foot width.
  • Size D3 = 3.25'' max foot width.

Click here for application instructions.

Sold as pairs (2 cuff extensions). Adhesive is sold separately.


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