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Kerckhaert Workhorse Draft Steel Horseshoes 28 x 12 mm - per Pair

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It's a tradition to toe clip front and hind shoes for the workhorse to prevent the shoes from being driven back during work in the fields or on the streets. Kerckhaert provides a strong clip to make sure the job is done well. The shapes of the shoes correspond to the natural shape of the Draft Horse.

  • Punched for E Head 7, nails.


  • Shoes are symmetrical.
  • Branches measure at 1/2'' Wide x 1 1/8'' Thick.
  • These smaller draft shoes are often used on Haflingers, Carriage horses, or even Friesians in North America.
  • Fronts and Hinds are both Toe Clipped for a secure fit.
  • Strong shoe with good wear.
  • Simple to cork or add borium when extra traction is needed.



  • Size 4 = 6 3/8'' Wide x 6 1/4'' Length (17'' FIA)


  • Size 4 = 6 1/8'' Wide x 6 1/4'' Length (16 1/2'' FIA)

 Sold in pairs (2 shoes). 10 pairs = 1 box.


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