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Kerckhaert Workhorse Draft Steel Horseshoes 28 x 12 mm sz 4

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This is the smallest version of the Draft Shoe with the same strong toe clip that Kerckhaert provides on their shoes. These smaller draft shoes are often used on Haflingers, Carriage horses, or even Friesians in North America. It's a tradition to toe clip front and hind shoes for the workhorse to prevent the shoes from being driven back during work in the fields or on the streets. The shapes of the shoes correspond to the natural shape of the Draft Horse.

  • Punched for E Head 7, nails.


  • Shoes are symmetrical.
  • Branches measure at 1/2'' Wide x 1 1/8'' Thick.
  • Fronts and Hinds are both Toe Clipped for a secure fit.
  • Strong shoe with good wear.
  • Simple to cork or add borium when extra traction is needed.


  • Size 4 = 6 3/8'' Wide x 6 1/4'' Length (17'' FIA)


  • Size 4 = 6 1/8'' Wide x 6 1/4'' Length (16 1/2'' FIA)

 Sold in pairs (2 shoes).

10 pairs = 1 box.


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