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1.5" Thick 2200°F Refractory Wool Forge Liner

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Limited Inventory amount of 1.5" thick 2200°F Refractory Wool at a super price!

Special Mid-Heat Refractory Wool Ceramic Fiber Blanket. PLEASE NOTE: All pre-cut lengths are sold in square feet. They are always 2 feet wide (unless otherwise stated).  

Suitable For:

  • Chimneys.
  • Pizza ovens.
  • Breweries.
  • Farm incinerators.
  • Smelters for melting aluminum, copper, or brass.
  • Heat treating ovens.
  • Salt baths.
  • Glass kilns.

It can also be a suitable backup insulation layer behind high temp wool in some applications.  2200°F wool has a steady heat rating of 2050°F.

With ratings just 400°F under our 2600° welding blanket, this is a great high-quality alternative at roughly half the cost and is great for environments not exposed to full forge welding heat ratings.

Common Installation Practice:

1) Place the wool against a rigid structure (either steel, brick, or stone) and stabilize with mechanical clips and/or adhesives.

2) Stiffen the wool with a Rigidizer Spray.

3) Coat with a 1/4'' layer of Kastolite 30 LI G or Kastolite 30 LI + refractory cement for increased durability.

4) Addition of a thin coating of ITC-100 HT as the last 'interior layer' will optimize heat reflection and efficiency.

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