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VFT Supreme Pour Pad - per Pair

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Each of these pads have a grip and 5 small injection ports that can be used when adding hoof packing, or your choice of silicone. They come with a hard and smooth surface on hoof side to ensure support of the hoof wall and free movement. Designed with sole relief to minimize pressure to circumflex artery. The frog support is very flexible to support the frog optimal, and make the pad very useful together with heartbar shoes.

Blue 30 Shore:

  • Recommended for horses with sore joints or worn hoofs. 

Green 50 Shore:

  • Recommended for horses with sore hooves, and for shoeing show jumpers and endurance horses.

Orange 70 Shore:

  • Recommended for orthopaedic shoeing, and for shoeing the dressage horse. 

Sizes Available:

  • Regular = 5 1/2'' Long x 5 1/2'' Wide 
  • Large = 6 1/2'' Long x 6 1/2'' Wide

Made in Denmark.

Sold as pairs (2 pads).


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