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VFT Regular Fuller/Creaser - Wood Handle

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These are precise high grade quality fullers that have undergone extensive manufacturing design to enhance performance durability and working life. This is a tool that has some of the most demanding temperature working requirements of any tool in your tool box, and has been designed extensively with this in mind.

Shape designed to make every hammer blow count either by hand hammer, or sledge. This has produced a fantastic easy to use fuller that glides through the material with minimal effort maintaining strength and durability in the toughest most demanding conditions.

VFT Denmark are high quality farrier tools designed by Henrik Berger FWCF. All of the tools are produced in Denmark, using only the highest quality materials. All steel undergoes a controlled hardening process which, along with a high standard quality control ensures a completely uniform product every time.

  • All VFT fullers are supplied with ash handle.

Made in Denmark.


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