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Ultra Express 70 High Strength 3100°F Castable

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This is a stabilized low-cement castable, which gives it a more predictable setup time. It takes 30-40 minutes to work.  

70 percent Alumina.

This is a self-levelling refractory that is ideal for vibration casting.  It natively contains tiny micro fibres and performs optimally with 2 percent SS needles (406 or 304).

While most castables weaken as temperatures increase, Ultra Express's capacity increases with its maximum strength (over 20,000 psi) at full temperature.

Use a steady power mixer. It uses very little water.  While guidelines state 5.3-8.3 percent water, most people find the 8-10 percent range works best unless they have a professional paddle mixer.  Mixing time is important.  Add 70% of your water immediately and gradually add all but the last 2-5 percent until you've mixed it for at least 2 or 3 minutes.  Total mixing time is 5 minutes and you'll find that the material looks like it isn't going to liquify until you approach 3-4 minutes of mixing. 

This is a very nice castable welding flux. Welding Flux can bond to it, but unlike most refractories, it does not penetrate Ultra Express 70.

We have one special refractory that is superior to Ultra Express 70 which is almost teflon to welding flux, but though costly and finicky, its brilliant.  If you are interested in a special casting of 'Flux Teflon Castable', contact Sean at the shop.  


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