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TK Regular Slider Horseshoes

The TK Sliders are a high quality sliding plate designed by Troy Kerr, farrier of worlds champion reining horses. The TK Slider was developed to offer extensive benefits regarding function, soundness, hoof health, and ease & correctness of application.

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  • Bold toe allows for an efficient drive position, eliminating one of the greatest causes of stress in the hind leg mechanism.
  • Efficient breakover = longer stride length & relieved pressure on rear tendons, joints and muscles. 
  • Reduced chance of stumbling or stubbing a hind toe. 
  • The deeper driving and freer moving a horse is, the more balanced they will be in all athletic maneuvers; especially stops, fast circles and hard turns.


  • Allows the hind toe to be better orientated to the coffin bone, providing optimum support directly beneath the central structure of the hind foot. 
  • Stability promotes confidence & critical physical support during difficult maneuvers such as sliding stops. 
  • The horse can feel where their foot is

Closer Fitting Toe:

  • The ability to fit the TK Slider full on the hoof but close at the toe results in a decreased incidence of over-reaching.
  • A truer hind foot flight path makes for improved overall balance of the horse, and the bold toe is less likely to snag a front foot if over-reaching does occur.
  • The full fit to the rest of the hoof promotes solid support and protection, resulting in a sounder and more athletic horse.


  • The inside branches are designed to avoid interfering with the ground contact that the hoof needs for good circulation.
  • Opening the sole up to the ground surface allows the frog to make close contact with the ground, thus supplying good circulation.


  • The straight inside branches allow even the deepest soils to transfer across the bottom of the foot with ease.
  • Outside Edge Follows Natural Radius of the Foot.


  • Provides a full fit to the hoof, yet is designed to stay under the horse.
  • The shape of the shoe offers optimal protection with minimal interference.

Horses That Would Benefit from TK Sliders:

  • Athletic Horses that are required to complete difficult & strenuous maneuvers.
  • Horses with elongated toes on the hind end.
  • Horses with a short, choppy stride in the hind end.
  • Horses with a history of lameness in the hind legs, hips, and/or pain in back, lumbar region & gluteal muscle. (Usually associated with an inability to move over the foot and drive back into the ground.)

Size Available:

  • Hind 0 - 4.5" wide x 5-3/4" long

Sold in pairs (2 shoes).

Made in the  USA.


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