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the ARCHIBALDO - classic outdoor wood fired Pizza Ovens - Limited Spring Orders.

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The Archibaldo - Classic Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Ovens.  Built with the best refractories, the Character of Italian Stone Classics, and the ingenuity, innovation, efficiency, and passion.  Beautiful aesthetics with Canadian functionality.

Designed to add heart and soul to any gathering space.  An aesthetic highlight both in use and at a distance, a feature and a pulse of special gatherings, occasions, great meals and a social keystone of any property.

Limited bricks and stones from recycled bricks Chicago Bricks to Quarried limestones,  Tyndal Stone from Gilles Quarries and an array of bricks and cultured stones form the visible exterior and or base of most ovens, beneath which the quality and thermally stable layers of refractory surfaces form the core of the oven and bake space and surface.

Constructed on a structural slab, the ovens weighing several hundred lbs can be easily transported and set in their final home.

Your custom style resonates with the warmth of every oven, making every stove unique. 

Built individually in our small Alberta shop, we use creative tools from the Full Sized Diamond Table Saw imported from Italy to cut the original stones in West Edmonton Mall.  We've recently restored and modified the saw and complimented it with jigs custom engineered for cuts of exceptional precision.   As a refractory resource to many industries, this complements our ovens with the capacity to create custom molds for casting refractories of any shape. 

Finally, using custom kilns, we bake and cure the pizza ovens themselves, finish by installing forged iron fittings and hardware, and then the ovens can be shipped via truck to anywhere locally or abroad.  

Archibaldo Pizza Ovens - Built to be a legacy enjoyed for generations and priced to be built.

Prices vary based on build design, size, and finishing.

Limited Reservations remain for Archibaldo Ovens for the spring of 2024.  Reservations for 2025 will follow.

Contact us for more information or to request an Archibaldo Pizza Oven reservation.


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