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Sure Weld Flux - for Stronger Forge Welding - 16oz

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 Sure Weld is an aid for welding in propane, natural gas, and coal or coke forges. It contains a mix of high-quality elements including borax, steel, oxidization prohibitors, and special bonding components.

Sure Weld optimizes the metal bond by preventing oxidizing & the metals from burning, and with a weld fortifying/ strengthening effect.

The strengthening effect is especially pronounced welding low-carbon steels (mild or structural steels, such as A336, and the metals commonly used in decorative blacksmith forging and in making horseshoes.)

A very efficient Flux - only a small amount is needed.  It's effective and economical and made in the USA.

Size Available:

  • 16 oz Tin with Twist-Cap (instructions for best use are included on the label).

Note:  When sold out, an alternate product is Iron Mountain Flux - BLACK - for general forge welding.

For Damascus consider Iron Mountain Flux - WHITE - to minimize iron inclusions.

Brazing?  Iron Mountain Flux - RED contains more copper and melts with less heat, and is popular for torch brazing, and hard-surfacing. 



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