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Sure Weld Flux - for Stronger Forge Welding

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Sure Weld is on Sale.  We've run out before and had it back-ordered, but this is the first time we were accidentally shipped CASES and CASES of extra Sure Weld Flux.  

Sure Weld is an aid for welding in propane, natural gas, and coal or coke forges. It contains a mix of high-quality elements including borax, steel, oxidization prohibitors, and special bonding components.

Sure Weld optimizes the metal bond by preventing oxidizing & the metals from burning, and with a weld fortifying/ strengthening effect.

The strengthening effect is especially pronounced welding low carbon steels (mild or structural steels, such as A336, and the metals commonly used in decorative blacksmith forging and in making horseshoes.)

A very efficient Flux - only a small amount is needed.  It's effective and economical and made in the USA.

Size Available:

  • 16 oz Tin with Twist-Cap (instructions for best use are included on the label).

Note:  When sold out, an alternate product is Iron Mountain Flux - BLACK - for general forge welding.

For Damascus consider Iron Mountain Flux - WHITE - to minimize iron inclusions.

Brazing?  Iron Mountain Flux - RED contains more copper and melts with less heat, and is popular for torch brazing, and hard-surfacing. 



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