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St. Croix Eventer Plus Steel Horseshoes Clipped

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A fantastic choice for added support. The Eventer Plus is a wide webbed steel horseshoe adapted for horses with a thicker hoof wall and requires additional support. The Eventer Plus differs from the standard Eventer as the front has a somewhat less rounded form, and the hind shape has a wider outer branch.

This shoe still has the same level of traction as the original Eventer. 

The fronts are symmetrical while the hinds come in left and right (slightly longer outside branches). The heels are shaped to allow for a fuller fit,  boxed, and include sole relief.

  • Suggested nail size:Shoe sizes 0,1 use CH5 Nails, and 2-4 use CH6 nails.


  • Excellent durability.
  • Left and Right hind pattern.
  • Finished boxed-heel.
  • Built-in sole relief.

Styles Available:

Sizes Available:0,1,2,3,4

10 pairs = 1 Box

    Sold in pairs (2 shoes). 

    10 pairs = a full box.


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