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SoundHorse Roller Motion Black Rim Glue On Shoes - Special Order Only

Special order - we can order in any size you need- view the sizing chart link below.

Clinically designed & tested by Dr. Scott Morrison of the Rood & Riddle Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky.  This shoe has a slightly raised heel as well as a rolled heel and rolled toe to ease landing and break-over. The heel elevation can easily be forged or ground down to create a full roller motion style shoe or left as a wedge if indicated. Each shoe has a built-in rim pad.

The BLACK Rim Pads is a 60 Shore "A" scale urethane that is 3x softer than the SoundHorse performance Blue rim. It delivers superior shock reduction and is useful in treating the seriously or profoundly sore hoof found in laminitic or arthritic horses and those recovering from traumatic damage. Suggested for horses on stall rest, lay-up, or in light to medium recovery work. Not recommended in performance work. See Blue Rim.

The Roller Motion Shoe is versatile and beneficial in the treatment of some chronic forms of:

  • Laminitis
  • Heel pain
  • Navicular disease
  • Re-balancing the adult club foot
  • Improving sole depth.

Comes in a boxed kit including:

  • 1 pair of shoes.
  • 1 roll of cohesive flexible bandage.
  • 1 roll of plastic stretch wrap.
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
  • 2 adhesive mixing cups.
  • 4 mixing sticks.

Note: Does not include adhesive, sold separately. See Equilox

Click here for a sizing chart.

Made in the USA.


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