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SoundHorse Sport Elite 2° Wedge - Fronts

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The Elite Front 2° Wedge from SoundHorse provides firm heel support in corrective shoeing for all running and performance horses.

Lightweight, wide web, forged aluminum. Flat heels that can be drilled and tapped for studs, and built-in rim pads.

Sizes Available:

Front 00 = XS
Front 0 = S
Front 0.5 = S+
Front 1 = M
Front 1.5 = M+
Front 2 = L

Comes in a boxed kit including:

  • 1 pair of shoes.
  • 1 roll of cohesive flexible bandage.
  • 1 roll of plastic stretch wrap.
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
  • 2 adhesive mixing cups.
  • 4 mixing sticks.

Note: Does not include acrylic adhesive, sold separately. Our favorite adhesive is Equilox.

Made in the USA.


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