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SoundHorse Braided Fabric - Kevlar Cobrasox™

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The Sound Horse Cobrasox™is an ultra high strength 3'' flat braid of Kevlar/carbon fiber fabric. This material is particularly useful for the loads associated with larger horses and severe cracks. It has excellent abrasion resistance. Recommend using 2 layers when performing serious repairs on larger animals.

Cutting Kevlar fabric requires the use of either an:

  • Exacto Knife with a sharp straight edge. Note this may require multiple passes.
  • Sound Horse Shears designed for this fabric and will cut with ease.

Regular scissors will not work, and will only "chew up" the fabric.


  • Equilox Adhesive  (sold separately) works very well for applying patches and crack repairing. You can add even more reinforcement by cutting small slivers of the Kevlar, and mixing it into your adhesive prior to applying.

Made in the USA.

Sold individually.


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