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SoundHorse DIM Hoof Pack - Extra Soft 25 Tan

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A consistent easy-to-apply cushioning/ supportive hoof packing.  No special tools are needed for its use (unlike other 'pour in' soft urethanes and silicones).  Unlike urethanes which are stick and which can harden more over the duration of a shoeing cycle, silicones stay exactly the same throughout.

Unlike regular silicones which are sticky, mild adhesives, DIMs (Dental Impression Materials) are not.   To apply, simply take equal size scoops of material from each of the two jars, knead them together with your hands until it's all one color and then put it in place.  You'll then have 2-4 minutes before it starts to set.

The Sound Horse 2-part silicone IMPRESSION packing (aka- DIM=Dental Impression Material) is specifically designed for the rigors of hoof packing application and is “gas permeable”.

This property allows copper sulfate powder mixed with the silicone to seep gradually through the DIM its been mixed with, releasing through the shoeing cycle.  Conversely, urethane pads lock up copper sulfate, negating any such effect.

Sound horse makes DIM silicones in two hardnesses:  This X-Soft Durometer 25A Silicone packing and a Firmer Durometer 40A Impression Material.

FOR MOST SPORT HORSES, Dr. A's favorite silicon stiffness is an impression material between 20 and 30, especially under a hard pad or shoe.

Note that Silicone impression materials should be installed beneath a specially designed shoe (like Denoix's Bonapartix or Laminitix) a stiff protective pad or a softer flexible frog support pad like Michael Puhl's PM Wedged, PM Flat-Pads from Germany, and the 3D wedged and 3D flat pads from the UK.

Size: 3 lb Kit (1.5 lbs of White Part A + 1.5 lbs of Blue Part B)*

* Note a Large 18lb Kit is also available to 'PRE-ORDER' with our next order.

Note that Foot Pro now also makes a Dental Impression Material in similar durometers, called DIM-20 and DIM-40.

Note:  Unlike urethane packing which has a fixed expiration date, silicone or 'Dental' Impression Products often work fine even after extended storage (years). 

TIP:  Always use your right hand in the colored jar to avoid cross-contamination and a 'lumpy' jar next use.


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