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SoundHorse Hoof Crack Suture Kit

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A packet of wire sutures specially designed for repairing extensive cracks in the hoof wall.

Each kit contains:

  • 8 Stainless Sutures with SS Backing Plates (pre-threaded with four-inch wire legs).
  • 8 additional Stainless Steel Backing Plates.

Application Method:

  1. Simply clean out the crack, from foreign debris.
  2. Drill holes with a small drill bit on either side of the hoof crack.
  3. Thread the wires through like a shoelace, and pull tight with pliers as you go along.
  4. Place an additional backing plate prior to twisting together your end wires for extra security.

If additional abrasion resistance or structural strength is required, Sound Horse braided fabrics work well as patches.

Made in the USA.


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