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Soft-Ride Boot - RUSH Special Order Voucher

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This isn't the Boots, it's an optional SHIPPING RUSH add-on fee.

TIPS- If you need a Soft Ride Boot immediately that we don't have in stock, there are some options.

A)  You can purchase this RUSH SHIPPING TICKET for $48; we will order from the Company in Texas immediately.  (HEAVILY discounted courier & avoids the $100 customs clearance fees Fed Ex charges personally).

B)  If your horse needs a 'standard' shoe, and we only have the 'narrow' version, please note that the ONLY difference is the Narrow has 'wings' on the insoles that make them narrower.  The wings can easily be cut off, and you instantly have a standard-width shoe.  This tip applies to both Regular Narrow and Long Narrow boots.  If you need a standard and we only have a narrow in stock, you may consider ordering it to avoid costs and delays.

C)  DON'T WORRY - We place regular stock orders every 4 weeks (+/-). If you buy this RUSH ticket and we've already ordered your size, and it's on its way, we won't need to rush your shipment, AND WE'LL FULLY REFUND your rush ticket purchase!  

Note:  We place rush orders immediately but do not control the Company's shipping and inventory.  They are usually quick to ship, but a couple of times, they promised to ship the same day but were delayed.  We advocate strongly for you.  

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