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Smith's Adjustable Angle Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener

The Smiths Adjustable Angle Pull Thru Knife Sharpener is innovative, functional and easy to use on both straight edge knives and serrated knives.


  • Offers two stages of sharpening both coarse and fine for straight blades.
  • Coarse slot features Precision Ground Carbides to sharpen dull or damaged knives.
  • Fine slot offers ceramic stones for finishing the edge and light touch-ups.
  • Adjustable to match the angle of the original factory grind of your knife
  • 6 adjustable angles offered for the straight blades
  • The serrated slot is a fixed angle with crossed ceramic stones designed to sharpen into the serrations of the knife.
  • Pull your knife through the slot to sharpen.
  • Soft-touch handgrip and non-slip base for added stability.


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