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Smith's 6" Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stones

The Smith's 6" Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stones are perfect for sharpening cutting tools of all sizes large and small. Features two interrupted surface diamond sharpening stones with a unique Micro-Tool Sharpening pad and a Natural Arkansas stone for finishing and polishing the cutting edge. All three stones are mounted on a triangular-shaped base with handles on the end for easy stone rotation.

  • Stones are 6" x 1-5/8" color-coded and labeled.
  • One Coarse (325 grit) and one Fine Diamond Stone (750 grit), and one Natural Arkansas stone (1000-1200 grit).
  • Micro-Tool Sharpening Pad for the tips of your knife blade and small cutting tools.
  • Sturdy non-skid stand with a trough in the bottom to catch any excess honing solution.
  • A sharpening angle guide and a 1-ounce bottle of premium honing solution are also included.

Made in the USA



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