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Silverback Chaps

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The most protective and supportive chaps/apron on the market with our patented core stability system, making a hard job easier!

The main purpose of these chaps is the core stability system, which reduces the stress on the lower back by the compression of the abdominal cavity. This is achieved with the use of the unique patented abdominal sling, dorsal support and the bi-lateral fastening system ensuring a perfect fit. Wearing these Chaps whilst shoeing/trimming makes the wearer more aware of their position whilst under the horse.

Silverback chaps offer the ultimate support, comfort, and protection. Used by the best in the industry.

  • Patented Abdominal Sling  
  • Bi-lateral fastening system and Dorsal support  
  • 5.75mm DNA high impact foam  
  • Water-resistant to 5000 mm  
  • Handmade in the UK  
  • Ripstop lightweight base material.

Size Chart:

XS - EXTRA SMALL 26"- 29"
S - SMALL 28"- 32"
M - MEDIUM 32"- 38"
L - LARGE 38"- 42"
XL - EXTRA LARGE 42"- 46"


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