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Silver Whinnys® by Sox for Horses - 2 Pairs ETA here March 10th

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Equines can suffer from a variety of lesions that affect their lower legs including:

  • scratches
  • mud fever
  • dew poisoning
  • greasy heel
  • summer sores
  • wounds

Silver Whinnys® provide the critical qualities in bandaging/leg protection that allow non-responding cutaneous (affecting the skin) lesions to finally heal.

They end the cycle of infection/re-infection. Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi in the socks. They are safe, non-toxic, drug-free bandages that obstruct disease-causing pathogens, insects, dirt, debris, and sunlight (UV) from penetrating the socks and reaching the skin

Note: machine washing the Sox and changing them every 24 HOURS restores the ability of the silver to perform.

It is recommended to have at least 2 pairs of Sox on hand. That way, while your equine is wearing one pair, you can then have the other in the wash and ready to go/switch out.

Sizes Available:

  • Quarter/Standard Long (2 pairs = 4 Sox total)
  • Warmblood/Thoroughbred Long (2 pairs = 4 Sox total)

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Made in the USA.


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