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105 lb SCOTT Anvil with TURNING CAMS

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We Bought EVERY SCOTT Anvil available at the Factory.

The anvils are en route, but many are already selling out. 

Grab yours now if available, or MESSAGE US & get notified when the next castings are available.

SCOTT ANVILS are professional quality steel anvils that are more compact than most anvils this weight.  By having more weight centred near the striking axis, the anvils have the feel of a larger, heavier anvil. 

Though they have a unique stockier look than traditional anvil classic patterns, these 100 lb SCOTT anvils are popular as travelling anvils because they hit above their weight class while being a nice weight for moving.

Their performance makes these Scott anvils popular with professional Farriers and Blacksmiths. 

The working face is a fraction wider and shorter than traditional anvil patterns.

Originally designed by Scott Collier the anvils are manufactured in Texas USA with a proprietary blend of alloyed steel poured, finished and tempered to exacting specifications.


  • WEIGHT:  105 lb
  • BASE:   9.19 x 6.5"
  • FACE:  12.5 x 4-3/8"
  • HORN:   9 x 4-3/8"
  • HEIGHT:  9.25"
  • HARDY HOLE:  1"
  • PRITCHEL HOLE:  5/8"
  • OVERALL LENGTH:  21.5"


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**  The Anvils are en route and will arrive in the next few days.  Most are sold already, and the few left may sell before they arrive (don't delay if you know what you want).

VIDEO TIP:  How to Dress the Edges of your new anvil -  We recommend 'dressing' the anvil edges to a slight radius to help prevent dings and chips from off strikes.  (Video Coming Soon).


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