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Roto Clip 4.5"- 4-Carbide Flat Disc Trimmer (Thin Design)

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This disc is ideal for professional trimmers dealing with large herds of horses or cows. It works well as a finishing disc for wood It is more aggressive than the Roto-Clip 6-slotted carbide flat disc. Comes with 4 interchangeable inserts. Each insert has two sharpened edges that can be rotated extending the life of the disc. The advantage of the thin design is lighter weight and allows easier trimming between the toes on a hoof (cow).

Averages 100 animals before inserts become dull. The inserts can be sharpened up to 3-4 times before they require replacement. Replacement inserts are available in packs of 4 or 6 and sold separately.

  • This disc has a diameter of 4 3/4''.
  • Comes with an instruction sheet, as well as the T25 screwdriver required to remove/rotate the carbide inserts.

Sold individually.


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