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Ringel Custom Single Edge Abscess Knife

Frank Ringel knives are handmade from the finest quality materials. Frank has been manufacturing knives since 1992 after getting great feedback from using them in his own farrier business.

Each knife is an individual, and the high tempered steel blades retain their edges.

The abscess knife or searcher, is a very small knife used to do delicate work on the hoof. It was created with veterinarians in mind. It can be used to get into hard to reach places such as hoof wall separations and hoof wall cracks, and works well for digging a small hole to drain an abscess. This knife is a very delicate specialty tool and should not be used to do major hoof or sole paring.

Features: a very small knife used for targeted work on the hoof.

  • Able to gain access to hard to reach places.
  • Useful when debriding hoof wall separations, or cracks.
  • Can be used to seek out and drain abscesses.
  • This is a detail knife and is NOT intended for major hoof work.
  • Only right hand, elk antler handle models are available.

Frank is now semi retired, so we have limited quantities in stock and these may be the last.

Made in the USA.

Sold individually.


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