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Ringel Custom #4 Loop Knife

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Frank Ringel knives are handmade from the finest quality materials. Frank has been manufacturing knives since 1992 after getting great feedback from using them in his own farrier business.

What makes Franks loop knives so amazing is they are one single piece of metal, so there are no weak spots. Each knife is an individual, and the high tempered steel blades retain their edges.

Features: the #4 knife has a 1.5" blade and is the largest loop in Franks line.

  • Designed to do the same trimming work as flat bladed hoof knives.
  • Double edged, so they can be used in both a pulling or pushing motion.
  • Can be used comfortably in either hand.
  • Unique ergonomic handle with a thumb cut out for more leverage.

Frank is now semi retired, so we have limited quantities in stock and these may be the last.

Made in the USA.

Sold individually.


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