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RIBBON Burner Wait List - 2024 March - In production now. Message requests.

New, Advanced Ribbon Burners are in production! 

Availability is scheduled for March 2024.  (Until the burners are on the shelf, March is our committed plan, not quite a promise)... but, get on the wait list, and don't miss a day.

Unique burners.  Optimal efficiency & fuel savings re-covers the price of the burners in short order, not to mention superior performance, operational comfort (quieter), finer control, ease of installation, and safety. 

Novel engineering advances released.  

Ribbon burners are famously popular with advantages including, multiple fuels (including natural gas, propane, heating oil), quieter operation than venturi burners (with quiet air flow), much more efficient, symmetrical-even heat anywhere you want it in your forge.

Multiple burner sizes are coming.  The specifications/ measurements will be released later this month.  Custom burners can also be built to suit.

Join the Wait List for Ribbon Burner Release Details:

We have a priority ribbon burner waitlist.  If you are already on it, you'll be contacted this month.  Want to get on it?  (no obligations) Do one of these three steps. (Note: It is no obligation, the wait list gets you in the contact & optional ordering queue):

1) email:  support@canadianforge.com

2) or SMS message: 587-401-2288

(IMPORTANT: include: '2024 ribbon burner' in the subject or body of your message, with your name and email), or

3) or, for 10 cents buy an official spot in the wait list below.  This saves time by automatically gets you in our system's ribbon burner priority wait list with all the details needed to keep you updated.

Ribbon Burner features will be listed here and in the 'sizes available', below, later this month.  The design provides unique & surprising versatility. 


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