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Refractory Weldable Pins (304 weldable Stainless Steel) for securing WOOL and BOARD.

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Refractory Wool Weld Pins are made from 304 SS** and stocked in 3.5" or 6.5".  Note pins can be cut to suit and other lengths not listed may be available, please call if required.

  • 10 ga stainless steel
  • 3.5" Length or 6.5" Length

For use with 'Push-On 1.5" Square 304 SS Speed Clips' to hold Refractory Wool, or Board in place.

**Note:  304 Stainless Steel Pins are typically welded to mild steel frames using 309 welding rods.  Stick, Tig or Mig welding processes using 309 or similar rod/wire are engineered to weld these 'dissimilar' metals together.

PS:  If you need a small quantity of 309 welding rods we may be able to provide a few.  We will have these items as stock products soon, but in the interim please contact us if required.

Simply tack or stud weld the pins to the steel frame, and quickly and easily secure wool or board in upright or ceiling applications using push-on speed clips.

Industrial Performance- Fast, Secure, Permanent.  The wool & pins can be exposed or enclosed with any number of refractory coatings.

TIP:  Pins can also be installed in a mortar or in drilled holes in brick and cast in place.  In castable, a washer can be pushed down to the base of the pin to create an anchor which can be embedded in a castable with the pin exposed for situations where wool is applied as a subsequent backing to bricks or similar.

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