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2600°F Refractory Board 1" Thick

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2600°F insulating refractory board is our highest temperature board, rated for 2450°F in a continuous heat environment.

(2450°F is the maximum attainable temperature of propane forges at our atmospheric pressure and oxygen concentration, and is ample for forge welding steel).

Keep in mind that refractory boards can be layered to suit insulation & thickness requirements, and the geometry of cuts can be considered in plans to avoid having overlapping joints and to use wallboards to help support ceiling panels (for example).

In some applications, with economics in mind, it can be practical to back high-temperature boards with lower temperature boards.  Considerations to the heat gradient between the firebox and outer wall may allow a progression to insulating materials with lower maximum thermal tolerances.  

Insulating boards are available in 2600°F, 2300°F, 1900°F, and 1200°F products.

These 2600°F boards are 1" thick.   

Note that 2500°F Insulating Refractory 'Plaster' is available in a Redi-mix pail and is easily applied filling gaps or as patches up to 2" deep.

TIP:  Refractory Boards can be cut with woodworking tools, but protective breathing gear should be worn to avoid inhalation of the dust generated, especially using power tools. 

NOTE:  We have dedicated refractory saws and breathing apparatus allowing us to provide custom cut refractory boards upon request.

Online 2600°F board sizes available:

(1'x1') and (1'x 2').

IN-store selection also includes larger boards:

(1'x3'), (2'x2'), and (2'x3').

Other Refractory Products include bricks,  dense firebricks, lightweight insulating bricks, wool (Kaowool) blankets, refractory mortars, insulating plaster, and castables, from dense high heat to lighter weight 'insulating' castables.


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