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1900°F Refractory Board 1" Thick

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1900°F INSBLOK Refractory board in 1-inch thick.

Also Available in 4-foot lengths (48"). Pick these up in-store or call me for shipping.

We manually quote shipping materials 4' and longer to find smart and affordable options.

Precut sizes we carry:

  • 1 SF (1ft. x 1 ft.)
  • 2 SF (1ft. x 2 ft.)
  • 3 SF (1ft. x 3 ft.)
  • 4 SF (1ft x 4 ft)  * in-store only or call for shipping quotes

** Note:  Also available in 2-inch thick boards (Natively in 12" x 48" that I can cut down.

*** Note:  Also available in 2300°F and 2600°F boards 1 & 2" thick.

Additional stock is available within a few days.  We get deliveries from these folks very frequently.

Caselot Pricing.

**** Finally, we also have some very low-density' soft boards' that are rated at 600°F.  It's useful to line powder paint rooms and for insulation backing next to the cold face.


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