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R.A.T.E. Hoof Packing +Plus

RAIT Hoof Packing Plus is ideal for those who want to find the hoof packing where they set it. Additional natural rubber proteins mixed into the Original formula have achieved a dense, self-sealing hoof pack. Providing the stick necessary for an optimal bond to the sole and frog. Unites with the hoof and not your hands, and will not dry out.

R.A.T.E Hoof Packing and Hoof Packing Plus assist in treating abscesses and sole bruising, along with combating thrush and other common hoof problems.

Formulated With:

  • Pine Tar
  • Natural Oils
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Blend of Natural Fibers
  • Blend of Natural Rubber Proteins (Natural Rubber Latex).

How To Use Hoof Packing:

  1. Thoroughly clean the sole and frog of any dirt or foreign material by using a hoof pick or wire brush if necessary.
  2. Apply the R.A.T.E. Hoof Packing between the bars and over the entire sole. This will create a custom fit, making it less likely for any foreign material to become trapped between the pad and sole.
  3. Use a pad or a suitable wrap to hold the hoof packing in place.

Size Available:

  • 4 lb Pail.

Made in the USA.


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