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Economical Plastic Stretch Wrap Roll with Handle - for acrylic hoof patches etc

This economy roll of Plastic Stretch Wrap with a Handle is a great tool to have in your toolbox for securing patches, adhesives, pad materials, and sport and therapeutic shoes for adults and foals.

The glue in Equilox (methylmethacrylate similar to acrylic nails and the bonding agent in crazy glue) cures better when its not exposed to oxygen while curing (while its covered with stretch wrap).  It also much easier to functionally and even artistically smooth and manipulate the glue before it sets with digital pressure on the stretch wrap covered adhesive.  You can work it with your fingers considerably before it becomes stiff and stable.

Having a handle allows much great control and efficient use.

More expensive Wrap Handles control the tension by grip pressure, but you can control the tension simply with finger pressure against the stretch wrap, not as fancy but still functional.


  • The heavy-duty handle allows for consistent tension and smooth operation.
  •  Each roll is 5" x 100 meters.
  • Medium duty 80 gauge Plastic.

Sold individually.

Notes:  Hoof repair fabrics include Kevlar (cobrasox), Spectra (a narrower tube), Polyvectran, the largest and thickest fibers, and Polyester.

Sole packing materials range from the soft urethane pour in pads to silicones and two part putty silicones that generally don't need stretch wrap because the material is so thick.

Equilox is always better with stretch wrap, and though one of our best products performance wise, its more temperature sensitive and generally slower setting, so the stability gained with copeous stretch wrap really helps.



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