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Paul Mitchell Diamond Knife Sharpener

Recommended by top knife makers as the highest quality sharpener on the market. Made to last as it is diamond embedded as opposed to coated like most other sharpeners. 

  • The unique shape of the conical end of this sharpener (6 mm - 1 mm) makes it possible to hone all loop knives, even the tiniest loop knife or vet searcher.
  • The wider sword end of the sharpener is designed to hone the ends of straight blades.
  • Radius ground edges will enable you to put the perfect edge on any knife.
  • Includes a bright yellow heavy-duty PVC pouch to keep it secure and visible.
  • Note: This sharpener is not designed to move a lot of steel (not aggressive). It's best used on a daily basis, or when putting a fine edge (hone) on blades.
  • To ensure longevity, use a petroleum-based liquid when in use.

Made in Tasmania, Australia.

Sold individually.


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