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Parks 50 Quench Oil (3 Gallons in Quenchable Steel Pail)

3 Gallon Steel Resealable Pail of Parks 50 Quenching Oil

The Famous & the Fastest Quenching Oil, even from a cool 10-50 degrees C.

Ideal for high carbon steels (1040 - 10xx - 1095, W1, W2 etc.,) especially of some mass requiring a maximal cooling curve for optimal hardness.

Parks 50's initial cooling speeds rival water, though with the tail end of its cooling curve being less severe than water, Parks 50 optimizes the initial hardness while minimizing the subsequent distortion and cracking water can cause.   

Where other quench oils require pre-heating - Parks 50 lets you keep it simple, with ideal performance even at room temperature.

Incredibly light viscosity, optimizing performance on a nano-scale and preserving volume with use.

The best product, now offered at the best value.

Conveniently, the 3-gallon orders are delivered in largemouth, re-sealable, steel containers, allowing you to either 'quench in the can', or simple refill your existing quench tank.

Quality Quenching Oil can last many years, and we've gone to lengths in order to offer the industry's premier oil at a great value. 

Sold here in Canadian Dollars (and elsewhere in USDollars - a 35% savings),  with the added value of a sturdy steel quenchable pail with its ring locking lid, you can see a comparable net savings of nearly 50%. 

You'll have reason to smile during years of quenching: Parks Quenching Oils help optimize your hard work with the added satisfaction of enjoying a great tool at a great value.

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