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Parks 50 Quench Oil (1 Gallon Plastic Jug)

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Our Parks 50 BARRELS ARRIVED.  Just in case we need it, please allow an extra day for us to catch up filling the jugs and pails with oil.

Parks 50 Quenching Oil is the most famous & fastest quenching oil, even from 10-50C. The 1-gallon plastic jug is perfect for topping up your pre-existing quench tank.  

Ideal For:

  • High carbon steels (1040 - 10xx - 1095, W1, W2, etc.). Especially of some mass requiring a maximal cooling curve for optimal hardness.

What makes it the best?

Initial cooling speeds rival water, though with a less viscous cooling tail, mitigating the distortion and cracking.  The only oil close to this speed without being preheated.

Incredibly light viscosity, optimizing performance on a nano-scale and preserving volume with use.

The best product is now offered at the best value.

Do not quench in the plastic container. You will need to transfer into a metal vessel before quenching.  *New- Lids are now Induction Sealed!

** New - Need 2.5 Gallons? We have very nice heavy wall used steel pails which hold 2.5 gallons.  They come with a steel lid and lock ring but don't seal leakproof tight, so we ship the oil in a 2.5-gallon plastic jug with the empty HD Used Steel Quenching Pail.

This works great when you need between 1 but not quite 3 gallons. 

An efficient Option.  (The pails were enamel painted either blue or green and may show some evidence of a past life, though heavy-walled than our new 3 Gallon pail option, these pails are used and may have some exterior dirt and light surface rust, though are mechanically sound and of good value.)

Need more oil? We also have the 3 Gallon Parks 50 available in a ready-to-quench new steel container.

Click here for Parks 50 SDSand Parks 50 Technical Data Sheet.


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