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Parks 50 Quench Oil (1 Gallon Plastic Jug)

Parks 50 Quenching Oil is the most famous & fastest quenching oil, even from 10-50C. The 1 gallon plastic jug is the perfect size for topping up your pre-existing quench tank.  

Ideal For:

  • High carbon steels (1040 - 10xx - 1095, W1, W2, etc.). Especially of some mass requiring a maximal cooling curve for optimal hardness.

What makes it the best?

Initial cooling speeds rivaling water, though with a less viscous cooling tail, mitigating the distortion and cracking.  The only oil close to this speed without being preheated.

Incredibly light viscosity, optimizing performance on a nano-scale and preserving volume with use.

The best product, now offered at the best value.

Need more oil? We have the 3 Gallon Parks 50 available in its own quenchable steel container.

Do not quench in the plastic container. You will need to transfer into a metal vessel prior to quenching.

Check out our STEEL AMMO box's in varying sizes, they make great Quenching containers!

Click here for Parks 50 SDSand Parks 50 Technical Data Sheet.


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