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NC Tool 57-L Connector

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Brass Gas or Propane connector fitting.

Identical to NC forge's 57-L Connector, and is the standard fitting between the Regulator and the Propane hose supplied with NC Forges.

End Type 1)  Standard male Left Hand (Reverse) threads.

End Type 2)  Standard male 1/4" Right Hand (NPT) threads.

This brass fitting is used to connect regulators, needle valves, gauges or hoses with corresponding female couplings.

Note:  Other connectors are available, with Type 1 or with Type 2 threads on each end.

Complete connector kits assemblies including regulators, connectors, gauges, needle valves, hoses, and even burner assemblies (coming soon).

Individually sold.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Remember Gas compatible Teflon tape is Yellow and will be available soon.


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