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NC Whisper Lowboy Forge with 3 Burners + 2 Side Ports

The NC Tool Whisper Lowboy (low boy) has a low profile. This assists in rapid heat recovery for quick turnaround time (ideal for competition shoeing). This forge ensures you get a true hot fit each time. This is also the forge for knife makers who work with Damascus blade forging. This forge reaches welding temp.


  • open-end ports for passing through long lengths of steel.
  • fully insulated door, and 2 bar stock ports.  
  • 3 burners supply rapid heat recovery for quick heat times.
  • exclusive high-efficiency burners.
  • uniform heat...reaches 2350 degrees.
  • lighter weight to assist in cooling for transport.
  • Set up for propane but can easily be switched to natural gas.
  • Reliner kit is available


  • Firebox = 3'' x 12'' x 9'' (9'' firebox depth is 3'' deeper from front to rear than 2 burner models).
  • Bar stock ports = 2'' x 3''.

The Whisper Lowboy Forge Includes:

  • 1x pressure gauge
  • 1x ignition button
  • 1x 8' hose
  • 1x regulator
  • 1x door handle
  • Triple burner
  • Connector fittings + fitting tape
  • Assembly instructions

NC Tool Co. North Carolina.


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