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NC Whisper Lowboy Forge (3 burners + 2 side ports)

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Low Profile, Open End Ports for long lengths of steel.   The 3 burners supply rapid heat recovery for quick  heat times.

Ideal for competition shoe making. Knife makers - this is the one for damascus blade forging.

Exclusive  high efficiency burners. Push-button ignition. Uniform Heat...Reaches 2350.

Lighter weight to assist in cooling for transport.

Hose, gauge, and regulator included.   Renowned Quality.

Firebox - 3" x 12" x 9" Bar stock ports: 2" x 3" Weight: 65 lbs.

The firebox is 3" deeper than comparable 2 burner models.

Fully insulated door, and 2 bar stock ports.  



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