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NC Tool Knifemaker Forge with 2 Burners + 2 Doors

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Made for the knifemaker who forges blades or Damascus. Equipped with insulated doors on both ends for easy entry and removal of Damascus billets. The dual-ended doors also allow for longer pieces (swords) to be passed through.


  • Exclusive, high-efficiency burners.
  • Push-button ignition.
  • Uniform Heat (Reaching 2350 degrees).
  • Quick Recovery...heats, and reheats metal very quickly.
  • No Blower Required.
  • Comes fitted for propane, but can easily be configured for natural gas.


  • Firebox 4" High x 4 1/2" Wide x 13 1/2" Long.
  • 2" x 3" exhaust port on one door.
  • Weight = 48 lbs.

The Knifemaker Forge Includes:

  • 1x pressure gauge
  • 1x ignition button
  • 1x 8' hose
  • 1x regulator
  • 2x door handles
  • Double Burner
  • Connector fittings + fitting tape
  • Assembly instructions

NC Tool Co. North Carolina.


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